During manufacturing of DURAMATT GOLD ply, a number of preventic and corrective measures are taken to maintain quality.

During manufacturing of DURAMATT GOLD ply, a number of preventic and corrective measures are taken to maintain quality. The use of condensed resain prepared of hi-tech manufacturing plant is the key point to enhance the life of plywood. The use of modern hardeners and addtitives provide enormous stability and balance to the entire product of DURAMATT GOLD Plywood.

MR Grade Plywood

DURAMATT GOLD MR confirms to the ISI and international standard. It has not made a goodwill in the market for its quality but has established a record for consistency and smooth supply to the dealers, architects and inteerior designers. DURAMATT GOLD MR grade plywwod has superb shear strength and resistance to water as MUF resin contain Melamine Urea Formaldehyde combination prepared in a special way.

BWR Grade Plywood

By using selected veneers from plantation timber of uniform thikness and power PF resin Phenol Formaldehyde of ISI mark DURAMATT GOLD BWR fulfills all the exterior needs one can think about. Special preservative treatments insulate the plywood against the attack from termites, borers and other wood pests. DURAMATT GOLD BWR grade ISI markes plywood is very popular in the market owing to its unique bounding strength and durability. A specific stress relieving process is employed to keep the product dimensionally stable and wrap free through a modern tenderizing machine.

Block Board

DURAMATT GOLD Block boards are made from carefully selected high quality seasoned timber. Timber used in the block is seasoned under controlled temprature and humidity to get uniform moisture. Timber is sterilized during the seasoning to kill wood destroying organisms.

Stringent quality control is maintained to make these block boards absolutly free from corrugation and unevenness. Block boards can be easily laminated without any deformity. Block Boards are bonded with superior quality Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin. MR grade block boards are bonded with good quality Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Resin.

It is used for all type of high class furniture partitions, paneling and other domestic work. Available in all regular size with 19 mm & 25 mm thickness. Other size will also be available as per customer's need.

Marine Plywood

DURAMATT GOLD Marine ply can withstand severe climatic conditions. In order to maintain good quality standard, quality veneers of uniform thickness are bonded with BWP grade of PF resin confirming to IS 848:1974. Finally it os treated in a vacume pressure impregnation plant, using specified quality of preservatives to render it resustant to marine organisms.

Marine plywood has to checked throughly for getting the assured quality. Although, routine vigilance of quality is done at every step but the DURAMATT GOLD team make sure that every piece should undergo double checking by technically trained professionals. DURAMATT GOLD marine ply can withstand rigorous climatic conditions, alternate dry and wet weather of coastal areas. Marine ply is dimensionally stable and ideal for long lasting services even in very humid and sea side areas. It can resist boiling water up to unexpected extent.

It can widely used in bus and truck bodies, railway coaches, kitchen accessories for high quality.

Flush Door

DURAMATT GOLD Flush Doors are elegant, strong, durable & dimensionally 100% accurate. Cross bands are manufactured from selected hardware, uniformly dried to required moisture, cross bands are also tenderized in a special machine to make them stress free. Flush Doors also undergo preservative traetment to make them resistant against wood destroying organisms. Flush Doors are given special treatment after hot pressed to relieve them from external stresses develop during the process of pressing.

High grade Pgenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin is used for lasting 100% BWR bonding. Flush doors have the following features:

DURAMATT GOLD Plywood's features:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Boiling Water Proof
  • Termite Resistant


ALL PRODUCTS ARE ISI APPROVED [Plywood IS:303, Block Board IS:1659, Flush Door IS:2202]